“Democracy is in the blood of the Muslims who look upon complete equality of mankind, and believe in fraternity, equality, and liberty.”― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

PAKPAC is committed to multi-generational leadership and is proud to announce the expansion of its Advisory Council to include talented young professionals from around the country.

PAKPAC believes that it is the responsibility of established diaspora organizations to provide the young professionals with opportunities to polish their skill sets which will allow them to become impactful leaders of tomorrow.

In a unique manner, PAKPAC has effectively created a platform for young professionals to truly take control of the decisions of the organization and in strategically planning for the future.  

The PAKPAC board firmly believes that by including the young professionals in the organization’s strategy and leadership, it empowers them to have a voice in the very decisions of the community that affect them the most.

The young professionals are the face of our community, the heart of our community and the soul of our community.

Learn more about our talented young leaders here.