“Democracy is in the blood of the Muslims who look upon complete equality of mankind, and believe in fraternity, equality, and liberty.”― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Exclusive call with Ambassador Richard Hoagland

Published on:   January 9, 2018

PAKPAC knows you have many questions about President Trump’s recent tweet and subsequent actions in Washington and Islamabad.

Join Pakistani American community leaders for an informative and insightful call with Ambassador Richard Hoagland on Sunday, January 14th at 6PM.

Amb. Hoagland served as Acting Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador in Islamabad from January 2011 to October 2013. He has also served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian affairs.

Recently retired from a lifetime of government service in the State Department, the Ambassador has a deep and nuanced perspective on the US-Pakistan relationship.

He will provide his perspective on the latest from Washington and take your questions.

This is a free tele-townhall organized by PAKPAC as a public service for our community during these difficult times. You can register for the call below!

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