“Democracy is in the blood of the Muslims who look upon complete equality of mankind, and believe in fraternity, equality, and liberty.”― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Exclusive Conference Call with Congressman Mark Takano (D-CA)

Published on:   June 30, 2017
PAKPAC invites you to join an exclusive discussion with Congressman Mark Takano of California.

Congressman Takano has been extremely vocal in taking a stand to support Muslim civil liberties and to denounce Islamophobic legislation. Coming from a background where both his parents and grandparents were forcibly removed from their homes and placed in Japanese internment camps, Congressmen Takano can offer unique insights in how to respond to vitriolic messages and rising hate crimes against Muslims in today’s political climate.

Last year, upon learning that Senator Ted Cruz advocated the patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods, Congressman Takano responded, “Seventy years ago, my parents and grandparents were held prisoner during World War II without trial and without a reason other than their Japanese heritage. In that moment, no one was willing to speak up for them. We cannot ignore the lessons of history.”

Please register for this unique opportunity to hear nuanced insight direct from Capitol Hill with this important Congressional leader.


Time: Wednesday, July 5th  at 8PM (Eastern)


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